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If you are an attorney, you’ve probably spent a lot of time building your name recognition. But attorney SEO can take that name recognition to the next level. Instead of being hidden in the search results, your biography, LinkedIn profile, or Avvo profile should be prominently displayed. Attorney SEO from PSM Marketing will increase the visibility of your profile and boost your rankings on major search engines. To get started, contact us and get a free SEO analysis.

Attorney SEO is an important tool in marketing your law firm. It’s a proven way to move up search engine rankings and become better known in the community. It can also help your practice increase its online presence. A properly executed SEO campaign will provide you with a steady stream of leads even after the initial investment. And because the process doesn’t take long, you can reap the rewards for years to come. If you’re not sure how to go about attorney SEO, here are some of the basics you should know.

Lawyer SEO isn’t a magic bullet. Unlike other forms of advertising, attorney SEO services are designed to build up a law firm’s website authority over time. In contrast, other forms of advertising offer only short bursts of activity or dead space. But attorney SEO services offer a steady stream of web traffic, which translates into new clients and cases. If you’d like to increase your client base, it is important to invest in attorney SEO.

Your SEO strategy must be based on keyword research. It’s the backbone of your SEO strategy. Choosing the right keywords will make or break your campaign. If you choose the wrong keyword phrase, no one will be able to find your website if they are searching for the terms you’ve chosen. Moreover, you shouldn’t choose a keyword phrase based on a marketing vendor’s promises. Instead, choose a keyword phrase that is relevant to your practice.

Another important aspect of attorney SEO is backlinks. Search engines assign a higher credibility to websites that rank high. If your website has a high number of backlinks from high-quality sites, consumers are more likely to select that organic link instead of a paid one. In addition to the strong content on your website, your attorney SEO campaign should also be built around an authoritative backlink profile. If your website has many bad links, Google will penalize your website.

A blog is an excellent place for attorney SEO. Blogs offer potential clients free information and an opportunity to demonstrate expertise. A blog can be a great way to rank in Google for a particular keyword. But it’s vital that your blog be optimized for search engines. This is where you can express your creativity and show your expertise. However, if you’re writing for your own enjoyment and for a general audience, your blog is not the right place to try SEO.

A website’s location information should be prominently displayed in the navigation menu and drop-down menu. Including your location in your website’s content is a good idea because it sends strong relevancy signals to search engines. Another good way to increase your website’s visibility is to invite contributors to write articles for you. A good author can elevate your law firm to the industry’s authority. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is another good way to get press mentions and links.

The tap area of your website is critical for converting on mobile devices. It’s important to make sure that the button is easy to tap even with a small finger. If your website’s navigation menu is difficult to use on mobile devices, users may be frustrated and leave the site. Additionally, Google uses the structure of a website to determine what is important and relevant content. In the case of a law firm website, it’s best to have important information visible above the fold. The Lawrence Law Group website has a convenient click-to-call button.