How Internet Marketing Can Use Local SEO to Increase Conversions

local seo

While local SEO is important for any business, some industries benefit from it more than others. Here are some of the ways you can make use of local SEO to increase your conversions:

First, local SEO is about being found locally. Using keywords related to your city and location is essential for local SEO. Keyword research for local SEO hasn’t changed much in recent years, but technology has changed how people execute local searches. More people now have access to smartphones, smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, which enable them to execute local searches. If your business isn’t visible to these devices, then local SEO is essential.

The information you provide on multiple websites affects your local search ranking. For example, your Facebook and Twitter pages often appear near the top of organic search results. If you’re a local business, chances are people will head straight to those profiles instead of your website. However, search engines don’t just use the information you provide. They use information from four main sources: your website, social profiles, Yelp profiles, and reviews. These sources help them determine whether you’re a legitimate business or not.

Besides writing unique content and engaging in local-specific conversations, you can also create useful content to promote your business. Localized content doesn’t have to be a blog, but it can be a resource guide, presentation, or technical specification sheet. The more content you publish, the higher your SEO rankings will be. You can hire a professional SEO consultant to help you formulate a local SEO strategy. It’s also possible to publish a blog that is relevant to your location, and include a localized version of the company’s website.

Another effective way to create local SEO content is by sponsoring a local baseball team. Create a page on your site and share photos and updates. Team websites will link to your page to show their support, so make sure to share relevant and up-to-date content on your site. Then, the local baseball team will link to you, earning you backlinks. Your local SEO content can also earn you some backlinks! There are many ways to leverage local SEO to generate traffic.

Another important method to boost your local SEO is to use structured data markup. These markups relay important information about your business in Google’s SERPS. This technique is best for local businesses, but you can also use it to optimize your product or service schema. The Google Structured Data Testing Tool can help you analyze your pages’ code and incorporate structured data mark-up. This will help you boost your local SEO. A good example is the Barrio Restaurant, which makes its phone number clickable on mobile phones.

Another method to boost your local SEO is to sponsor events that are relevant to your industry. Alternatively, you could even pay employees to attend these events and take pictures or videos. These are great ways to display your involvement in your community. Finally, you can embed Google Maps into your website. Google has recently crackdown on websites that make excessive use of Google Maps. You can also write about newsworthy events happening in your community. But, make sure you avoid overdoing Google Maps.

Incorporating common citations on reputable websites will help your business get ranked higher. This will help your website receive more local attention when people search online for products or services that meet their specific needs. For example, if you’re selling a car, you’ll want to include information on how many locations you have. Your customers can find your car service by looking up your city or state in Google maps. You can also use your location and phone number to boost local SEO.

Despite the importance of using local SEO to attract local customers, it’s still important for businesses in brick-and-mortar locations. If you’re a pizza place in New York, it’s not enough to be on the first page of search results. In fact, the first page of search results for “pizza place” in New York may have more than 20 million other listings. So, local SEO is essential for your business to succeed and expand.