Attorney SEO Firm Advice For Online Promotion

What is Attorney SEO? Seeking out attorney SEO firms or digital agencies which specialize in law firm online marketing? Perhaps you aren’t alone. Many attorneys just like you are dissatisfied with their current online marketing company and are seeking keywords such as attorney SEO near or lawyer SEO solutions. Why are attorneys so frustrated?

attorney seo

The “new” digital age of marketing (which includes Search Engine Optimization) has created a sense of “newness” about a certain concept or industry. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is effective or even ethical! Unfortunately, there are a lot of lawyers who don’t know what SEO or search engine marketing even means. Worse yet, there are some law firms who still don’t understand the concept behind it. So how do you tell a lawyer SEO from legal SEO?

First, keep in mind that an attorney website, blog, or other online presence is simply a website being maintained by a lawyer. Therefore, the content, links, etc. posted on such a site is NOT 100% professional or ethical. If the lawyer’s web content is not up to date and informative, then the site is not an attorney seo presence…and nothing on it should be either.

Second, it is unlikely that a lawyer will post an article on a marketing article submission web 2.0 site or blog! Again, search engine optimization should be one of your priorities for your virtual marketing efforts. If the articles posted on legal SEO sites are not up to date and have no legal SEO content to back them up (as they should), then the articles are an obstacle to your marketing efforts.

Third, and something I think is often overlooked, the real value of attorney SEO comes from organic search results. A search engine optimization firm may promise great rankings and “optimization” for your site. But, without organic search marketing, you have no shot at all. Your firm’s website must always rank highly in the search engines. Otherwise, your client cannot sue you based upon what the search engine sees as misrepresentation of the facts of your practice.

Fourth, remember that search engine optimization can only go so far. To truly capitalize off of your attorney seo efforts, you need to take advantage of social media and online networking via podcasts, videos, newsletters, and blogs. These types of online media outlets allow you to connect with clients in new ways that weren’t possible just a few short years ago. Not to mention all the additional opportunities for viral marketing! It is my belief that there is a big demand for more lawyers online to take advantage of the social networking revolution, and with an attorney SEO firm, you have the opportunity to be one of the movers and shakers in this new market place.

Fifth, as mentioned earlier, the advent of social media is a positive thing for any law firm, but it is critical to remain vigilant. Law offices that fail to stay on top of things end up getting painted with the same brush as their competition. In my experience, a lot of law firms who do not pay attention to social media end up forgetting about it altogether, which can lead to major losses for their bottom line. Attorneys need to realize that their reputation is everything, and if they don’t engage with this important online community, then they won’t be able to protect themselves from negative situations in the future.

So, in conclusion, it doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney, a solo practitioner, or a large firm. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with the entertainment industry or the music industry. Just make sure that your legal SEO efforts focus on being proactive and attentive, and that you engage in attorney search engine optimization on a regular basis.